You might not be aware, but the fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, affects a staggering 75% of the population. As you seek to conquer this common challenge, you're not alone, and the digital age has brought forth a plethora of online platforms designed to enhance public speaking skills. From VR-driven environments that simulate real audiences in VirtualSpeech to AI-powered feedback tools in Orai, these platforms offer unique approaches to mastering the art of oration. Courses range from beginner to advanced levels, ensuring that there's something for everyone. Whether you're aiming to polish your presentation skills for the boardroom or seeking to captivate larger audiences, exploring these top online platforms can be your first step towards becoming a more confident and effective speaker. But how do you choose the right platform for your needs, and what makes each of them stand out from the rest?

Key Takeaways

  • There are several online platforms available for enhancing public speaking skills, such as EdApp, VirtualSpeech, TED Masterclass Insights, Orai, and Speeko.
  • These platforms offer features like interactive practice exercises, VR training sessions, AI-driven speech coaching, and personalized feedback to improve presentation skills.
  • Some platforms, like EdApp and VirtualSpeech, provide free courses and the ability to share and edit content, while others have pricing plans starting at $10-45 USD per month.
  • In addition to these online platforms, there are also other resources available, such as free public speaking courses from Google Digital Garage and Alison Courses, as well as top-tier courses from renowned universities and institutions on Coursera.

EdApp Overview

EdApp revolutionizes the way you enhance your public speaking skills, offering a suite of ready-made programs that are not only free to share and edit but are designed to boost your confidence and ensure your voice is heard. With EdApp, you're not just taking an online class; you're embarking on a journey of personal development that empowers you to serve others with your words. The platform's courses on Speaking with Confidence and Getting Your Voice Heard are essential tools for any team aiming to make an impact.

Each course teaches key aspects of public speaking in digestible, microlearning formats, ensuring that even the busiest of learners can find time to grow. The lessons, taking only 2-5 minutes to complete, are perfect for on-the-go learning. Plus, with the course creator tool, you can tailor training materials to the specific needs of your organization, making your learning resources as unique as your mission.

EdApp's self-paced courses, complemented by push notifications for learners needing a nudge, ensure that no one is left behind. It's not just about taking online courses; it's about transforming the way you communicate, one powerful word at a time.

VirtualSpeech Features

Dive into VirtualSpeech, where interactive practice exercises and VR training sessions offer a groundbreaking way to hone your public speaking skills. This platform isn't just another online course; it's a dynamic public speaking arena designed with your growth in mind. Imagine standing in front of an audience, your heart racing, but in the safety of a virtual environment. That's the power of VirtualSpeech.

With a starting cost of just 45 USD per month, VirtualSpeech makes elite training accessible. You're not only investing in your skill set but also in your ability to impact and serve others through your words. The VR training requires a headset, transporting you to lifelike scenarios where you can practice and perfect your delivery without the fear of real-world repercussions.

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Join over 370,000 professionals who've already elevated their speaking skills with VirtualSpeech. This platform combines the convenience of online learning with the effectiveness of real-life practice. From free public speaking resources to comprehensive video lectures, VirtualSpeech is your ally in mastering the art of communication. It's time to speak up, stand out, and serve your audience with confidence. Welcome to your SpeakingVirtual Speech journey.

TED Masterclass Insights

Harnessing the power of TED's renowned storytelling expertise, TED Masterclass Insights offers you an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your public speaking skills for just 49.99 USD. Dive into a world where delivering compelling narratives isn't just a skill, but an art form. This platform transforms you from an aspiring speaker to a TEDx speaker, guiding you to Find Your Unique Voice amidst the noise.

With interactive slides, animations, and TED Exclusives, your learning experience is not just informative but engaging. You're not merely watching; you're participating, experiencing those aha moments that shift your perspective on public speaking. The live virtual workshops foster a community of learners, enabling collaborative growth. Here, you can share your speaking style, receive feedback, and refine your ability to convey sincerity to your audience.

TED Masterclass Insights doesn't just teach you; it inspires you. It challenges you to dig deeper, to not only share stories but to share them in a way that moves people. This is your chance to stand out, to deliver messages that resonate and inspire. For anyone dedicated to serving others through powerful communication, this is where your journey begins.

Orai Advantages

While TED Masterclass Insights equips you with the storytelling prowess of TED speakers, Orai offers a different path to mastery, leveraging AI technology to hone your presentation skills with precision. This platform stands out among the best public speaking courses by providing a unique, effective public speaking training environment. With Orai, you're not just learning; you're applying and improving in real-time.

Orai's advantages are clear: instant feedback on your presentations and speeches through advanced AI technology. This feedback isn't generic; it's tailored to your performance, measuring vital communication metrics to guide your progress. You'll start with the basics in the free version, building a foundation. Then, as you become confident, you can explore more advanced features, including the Enterprise plan. This option is perfect for leaders aiming to elevate their team's public speaking skills, offering a manager dashboard to track everyone's progress.

At a starting cost of just 10 USD per user per month, Orai is not only accessible; it's an investment in your future. Here's your opportunity to build confidence, refine your delivery, and transform your public speaking abilities. Embrace the Orai advantages and step into your power as a communicator, serving others with your words.

Speeko Benefits

Experience the transformative power of Speeko, an AI-driven speech coach that offers instant, personalized feedback to elevate your speaking skills confidently. This innovative platform is your secret weapon to mastering the art of public speaking, ensuring your speeches and presentations captivate and resonate with any audience. With Speeko's benefits at your fingertips, you're not just improving; you're transforming into a speaker your audience loves.

Speeko is accessible on both Apple and Android smartphones, along with desktops and laptops, making it incredibly convenient to practice anywhere, anytime. Its personalized exercises are tailored to target specific areas of improvement, helping you refine your speaking style to deliver compelling presentations that leave a lasting impact.

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Starting at just 11.99 USD per month, Speeko offers an affordable path to becoming a confident public speaker. Whether you're addressing a small team or a large audience, Speeko's AI-based speech coach guides you through a journey of self-improvement, ensuring your message is not just heard but felt.

Embrace the opportunity to serve others through your words. Let Speeko unlock your potential, guiding you to inspire, motivate, and connect with hearts and minds around the world.

Google Digital Garage Review

Dive into Google Digital Garage, a treasure trove of free video tutorials and webinars designed to sharpen your public speaking and communication skills effortlessly. Whether you're aiming to inspire, educate, or lead, this platform offers the best free resources to enhance your ability to communicate effectively. Here's why it stands out:

  • Comprehensive courses on body language and confidence: Master the non-verbal cues and self-assurance needed to captivate your audience.
  • Engaging webinars and online sessions: Gain deeper insights and practical tips from experts in the field.
  • Absolutely free of charge: Find the best quality training without spending a dime, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Variety of learning materials: Catering to different learning styles, the platform provides a mix of interactive and informative content.

This Google Digital Garage review highlights a unique opportunity for those who desire to serve others through enhanced communication. It's not just about finding the right words; it's about making a real impact. Embrace this chance to become a more persuasive and effective speaker, and start making a difference today.

Alison Courses Highlight

Unlock your public speaking potential with Alison's comprehensive and free courses, designed by experts from prestigious universities to excite and engage your audience. This online platform stands out as a beacon for those yearning to master the art of public speaking without the burden of cost. With Alison, you're not just learning; you're embarking on a journey to elevate your skills to new heights, accessible right from your smartphone.

Imagine delivering speeches that not only inform but captivate, transforming every word into a memorable experience for your audience. That's the power Alison equips you with. Each course is meticulously crafted, highlighting the essence of public speaking through engaging content that promises to enhance your ability to communicate effectively.

Completing an Alison course isn't just about acquiring new skills; it's a testament to your dedication. Achieving a score of at least 80% on the course assessment earns you a certificate, a tangible acknowledgment of your commitment and growth in public speaking.

Embrace this opportunity on Alison, one of the top online platforms, to not only develop your public speaking skills but to also serve others with the confidence and eloquence you've always desired.

Dale Carnegie Training Perks

After exploring the accessible online courses Alison offers, it's time to consider Dale Carnegie Training's unique in-person and live public speaking programs, designed to elevate your speaking skills in a more personalized setting. Dale Carnegie Training isn't just about learning; it's about transforming your ability to communicate and lead with confidence. By engaging with their programs, you're not merely participating; you're embarking on a journey to enhance your leadership and public speaking skills in ways that online platforms alone can't offer.

Here's why you'll love Dale Carnegie Training:

  • Personalized Feedback: Get tailored coaching and feedback that focus on your individual improvement, making each lesson directly applicable to your goals.
  • Customized Solutions: Whether you're an individual looking to grow or an organization aiming to empower your team, Dale Carnegie provides training solutions crafted just for you.
  • Global Reach: No matter where you are, access to Dale Carnegie's excellence in training is within your reach, offering a consistent learning experience worldwide.
  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from in-house experts passionate about helping you unlock your potential in public speaking and leadership.
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Embrace the opportunity to serve others through powerful communication. Let Dale Carnegie Training be your guide to mastering the art of public speaking.

Domestika Offerings

Explore the vast array of Domestika courses designed to elevate your public speaking and communication skills, learning from industry experts at your own pace. With Domestika offerings, you're not just acquiring new skills; you're stepping into a world where Public Speaking: Find Your Unique voice becomes your reality. Whether it's captivating an audience, acing job interviews, or mastering the art of Speaking To Inform, these courses are your guide to becoming a great public speaker.

Each course, including the standout 'Communicate with Confidence', is tailored to help you develop powerful speech delivery skills. You'll learn the nuances of storytelling and persuasive communication, essential for anyone who desires to serve others through the art of speech. The self-paced format ensures you can grow at a pace that suits your lifestyle, while the community-based learning experience offers invaluable feedback and collaboration opportunities.

Coursera Selections

Dive into Coursera's selections, where you'll frequently find top-tier public speaking courses from renowned universities and institutions, designed to sharpen your storytelling and persuasive skills on your own schedule. These offerings are not just about learning; they're about transforming how you communicate, making a profound impact in your personal and professional life. Here's what makes Coursera stand out:

  • Flexible Learning: The tool allows you to learn at your own pace, fitting your development into your busy life without compromising on quality.
  • Diverse Content: Each course covers various aspects of public speaking, from crafting compelling narratives to mastering persuasive communication, ensuring you're well-equipped for any speaking occasion.
  • Certified Achievement: Upon completion, you're awarded a verified certificate from top universities like the University of Washington, showcasing your commitment and expertise to prospective employers or your professional network.
  • Affordable Investment: While costs vary, the value gained from accessing world-class education and improving your public speaking skills is immeasurable, making it a worthwhile investment in your future.

Let Coursera be the stepping stone to your success in public speaking. Your journey to becoming a more effective communicator starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Social Media Platforms for Public Speaking?

Embarking on the quest to find the perfect stage in the digital realm? Look beyond mere platforms; seek communities on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Clubhouse where your voice can truly serve and inspire others.

Where Can I Improve My Public Speaking?

You can elevate your public speaking skills and inspire others by using platforms like EdApp, VirtualSpeech, TED Masterclass, Orai, and Speeko. They offer personalized feedback, interactive exercises, and AI technology to guide your journey.

How Can I Practice Public Speaking Online?

To conquer your fears, practice public speaking online with platforms like VirtualSpeech or Orai. They offer VR training and AI feedback, refining your skills to serve others effectively. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Is There an App to Improve Speaking Skills?

Yes, there are apps like Orai and Speeko designed to enhance your speaking skills. They offer instant feedback and exercises, helping you speak confidently and serve others effectively with your improved communication skills.