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College Knowledge Institute offers everyone essential education focusing on the most popular undergraduate science, humanities, and arts subjects. Our self-paced open lifelong learning program is designed to empower effective communication and critical thinking; complex decision-making and problem solving skills; appreciation for diversity and the value of every human being; and an enhanced understanding of the nature of life and the world around us.


Regardless of your current personal, professional, academic, or business situation or circumstance, College Knowledge Institute courses will expand your capabilities and assist with continued growth in understanding and wisdom. Your vocabulary, and ability to confidently interact, and converse, with educated people, will increase substantially. You will gain new levels of knowledge relative to physical, life, and social sciences in a college-level online learning system; without the high cost, or restrictions, of traditional university programs.


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The College Knowledge Institute program awards you with certificates of achievement, badges, and continuing education units (CEUs). Program level certificates are hosted online and can be retrieved at anytime, or shared with schools, employers, family, and friends.

There are thirty-six (36) courses and four (4) Associate Degree Equivalency Certificates offered: General, Professional, Advanced, and Master of Knowledge (MoK).


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College Knowledge Institute courses are accessible anytime from anywhere and the program is mobile device compatible. The Learning Management System (LMS) is interactive, offers score and activity tracking, and provides access to numerous supplemental resources and references.

Program support is provided by an administrator, course facilitators, and technical staff.

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Course Subjects

College Knowledge Institute program courses are presented in sequence. All participants follow the same sequence. Participants advance into the next course after thirty (30) days. Each course enrollment access is one full year. Our model is designed to ease the transition into a full-time college-level course load; giving everyone an opportunity to learn and succeed in attaining their certificates.


After four (4) months, participants will be simultaneously enrolled in four courses; eight (8) months, eight courses; etc. Subsequently, you will be enrolled in more courses than a full-time undergraduate college student.


The first 8-course sequence is: Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, and Astronomy. View all College Knowledge Institute course subjects.

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Program Registration: At just $699, College Knowledge Institute program fee is less than $20 per course.

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Everyone's Essential Education - The primary mission of College Knowledge Institute is to assist anyone with attaining relevant college-level knowledge at minimal cost; and without restrictions. College Knowledge Institute programs are appropriate for personal, career, business, or academic success. We use only the best learning resources and assessment tools. All staff are experienced college educators. You can attain an undergraduate degree knowledge level for much less than the cost of an iPhone. 

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