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Fundamental Understanding and Awareness


College Knowledge Institute offers everyone essential education focusing on applied science subject matter. Our self-paced open lifelong learning program is designed to empower effective communication and critical thinking; complex decision-making and problem solving skills; appreciation for diversity and the value of every human being; and an enhanced understanding of the nature of life and the world around us.

College Knowledge Institute Support Staff

Regardless of your current personal, professional, or business situation or circumstances, College Knowledge Institute courses will expand your capabilities and assist with continued growth in wisdom. You will gain new levels of knowledge relative to physical, life, and social sciences in a college-level online learning system; without the high cost, or restrictions, of traditional university programs.


The College Knowledge Institute applied sciences program awards you with certificates of achievement and continuing education units (CEUs).


There are currently 36 courses and 4 applied science certificates offered: General, Professional, Advanced, and Master


College Knowledge Institute courses are accessible anytime from anywhere and the program is mobile device compatible.


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